Blinds are an investment and one way to protect that investment is to have them professionally cleaned. We sell blinds so we understand this!!

While many companies will use fully ultrasonic cleaning on your blinds, we prefer to focus on hand cleaning. We use an ultrasonic machine but find the best results come because of the hand washing. This method not only protects your blinds but it allows us to pay more attention to the deeper soiled areas of the blinds leaving you deeper and more thorough cleaning! A blind left too long in an ultrasonic machine may be damaged – you don’t want that, nor do we!

We are often asked (or told) so and so cleans blinds on site…why don’t you do that?

Here’s why…
1. We like to be able to hang and dry blinds before they are returned to your home. We belief that blinds hung damp in a home can be subjected to dripping, which can damage areas of your home but also cause water spotting on the blinds.
2. Sometimes blinds can take longer to clean and require several passes to get them clean. A quick dip in the tank and then rehanging blinds before they are fully dry often misses this!
3. Space to stretch out! Trucks and trailers don’t allow the space to fully hang many blinds. If you can’t open them fully and properly it’s really difficult to check the operation. When we clean blinds we want to check the mechanisms and lifts to make sure everything is operational.

So why use us?
Well we may not be the cheapest…but our pricing is very competitive! The main reason to trust us with your blinds is because we will care for and clean your blinds like they are our own because that’s how we want to be treated!

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