A Stupendous Subject and Several Things to Consider

Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, green roofs provide a host of benefits to any home or business property. In Cleveland in particular, a green roof provides an extra layer of insulation against cold winter weatherand is a great stormwater management tool for rainy days. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of green roofs.

Energy Savings

As complete rooftop ecosystems, green roofs naturally cool the surrounding air in the summer and preserve heat in the winter. For a property owner, the energy savings can be substantial. On hot days in the summer, the transpiration of plants on a green roof cools down the surrounding property. In the winter, the many layers of fabric, soil, and organic material of a green roof provide natural insulation.

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Stormwater Management

On commercial and industrial properties with large, flat roofs, the potential for destructive stormwater runoff is substantial. Green roofs are valuable components of stormwater management for their ability to both retain and slow down the flow of water. That prevents flooding and erosion, and keeps pollutants out of the local watershed.

Aesthetic Appeal

It's no secret that green spaces are pleasing to the eye. A green roof can provide a park-like space atop your business, creating a tranquil place for employees to relax and recharge. That's an especially valuable feature in an urban industrial area like Cleveland, where green spaces can be hard to find.

LEED Certification Benefits

If you're seeking the many benefits of LEED certification for your business, a green roof can help to put you on the path to approval. The LEED program supports the many benefits of green roofs toward energy conservation and the management of stormwater.

A green roof is a great way to enhance your environmental conservation efforts.

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