How to make Finger Nails Glow In The Dark with Glo Sticks

I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for the best way to make Finger Nails Glow In The Dark using a Glo Stick. This was a really fun project for my girls to participate in. I have my results today. Also, I'm interested in upgrading my website, I'm thinking along these lines... Switching my user interface similar to these folks? outlandoutfitting I really like it!

The only nail polish color that is going to work is white. You first want to paint your finger nails white and let dry.
How to get the contents of the Glo Stick out.
The best way to get your glow stick contents out is to first crack the stick until it starts to glow and will not pop anymore. Then clip the very end off with a pair of scissors. Make sure you clip the other end as well so the contents of the glow stick will flow out. There was a one time that one of my sticks did not empty all the way so I very gently blew into one end to empty the glowing stuff out. Make sure you do this very carefully and wipe the end off first or you will have glowing lips. But before you do the step above read on.

I tried 2 different ways to apply the glow stick contents. They both worked but, one method will glow the brightest.

First, I took a little bit of clear nail polish and mixed the contents of one glow stick in it and applied to nails, over the dry white polish. It did work but not as good as I wanted.

I found the best way apply this is to first apply the clear polish over the white, one hand at a time. After you have applied the clear polish over the white nail take a small paint brush, dip into the glowing contents and apply over the clear polish before it has dried all the way. Once the clear polish is completely dry your glow stuff will dry with it. That will give you the brightest glow.The overall idea behind this post came to me when going through and though they are a shower hardware supplier I figured it's something a lot of people could potentially benefit from.

I used a blue glow stick as you can see from the picture above.

Just for fun I applied both blue and yellow on each of my nails, without any polish, and this is what it turned out like.

It was not quite as bright as when using the white nail polish base. You could do some fun stuff using the white polish with different colored glo sticks. If you have any glow in the dark nail stickers, that would be fun to dress up you nails with also.

You could probably mix the glow stick in with the white polish. I did not try this and I do not believe you will get a good glow with that but if you try it let me know how it turns out. Also, you might be able to apply the glow stuff over the white polish before it drys completely without the clear polish. I did not try that method either but it might work. Let me know what works. I would really like to hear from you.

Other than buying glow in the dark nail polish what DIY methods have you tried and do they work.

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