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Recipe: Cara Cara Love Smoothie

I was so pleased to see Cara Cara oranges and Dandelions are in season ... at least in California ... so we are starting to see them here in Calgary!

For those who have not indulged before, Cara Cara oranges have a beautiful orangey-pink inside with a sweet orange flavour plus a hint of grapefruit tanginess. My favourite!

Dandelions are quite bitter (as expected), however they are a nutritional powerhouse and especially high in iron (great when combined with the Vitamin C from the orange for maximum absorption!). I'm happy to be able to buy mine until mine sprout in my lawn in the spring.

This morning I had a calling to make a smoothie with both, as well as some cranberries, banana and filtered water:

This is a real bioflavonoid elixir, with quite a variety of different anti-oxidants from the oranges and cranberry especially. Bioflavonoids are anti-inflammitory, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and help detoxify certain parts of the body (the particular bioflavonoids in cranberries help the eyes detoxify especially).

Combining fruits with greens in smoothies may sound odd at first, but it's a tremendous way to add a lot of minerals to your vitamins (as most people's smoothies are usually fruit heavy, which is a great starting point). Additionally, people find over time that they can gradually increase the amount of greens, and end up intaking a significant amount of additional greens in their diet without feeling too rabbit-like. Another benefit is that the greens are blended, so absorption rates are very high without massive amount of greens chewing.

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